Is It OK to Crochet While Pregnant?

It has come to my attention that there is a myth that some people believe in about pregnancy and crocheting. Some believe that crocheting is unsafe during pregnancy because the umbilical cord will wrap around the baby and will cause problems at birth. Yes, it is weird, and it’ NOT TRUE!

It is more than OK to crochet while you’re pregnant. It actually has benefits contrary to that weird myth. Several women found that crocheting while pregnant reduces stress and anxiety. However, you have to rest when you feel your hands or neck cramping. Pregnant women are more prone to cramps, so they need more rests between.

What’s exciting about crocheting while pregnant is you can do crochet projects for your baby. You can make baby socks, hats, blankets, wardrobes, and more.

Benefits of Crocheting While Pregnant

Crocheting has a number of benefits not just for pregnant women, but for all.

Crocheting Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Experiencing anxiety during pregnancy is pretty common. You’re always wondering if everything is going to be okay. At your first pregnancy, you are anxious about what will happen to your body until you give birth and after you give birth for that matter. You also tend to stress about the possible problems and risks that your baby may encounter. Those worries can easily blow up into anxiety.

Many pregnant women find crocheting healing, especially when they are on bed rest because of a high-risk pregnancy. In fact, some hospitals offer crochet and knit programs for pregnant women on hospital bed rest.

Crocheting helps reduce anxiety and stress in different ways.

  • Instead of staying in bed and worrying excessively worrying about your baby’s medical issues, you can engage in crocheting, which can be meditative in a way. The repetitiveness of the process of crocheting can be very relaxing. It takes your mind away from thinking about negative things about your pregnancy and your baby which will make you calmer.
  • Some mothers may feel disconnected from their babies, which can significantly increase stress levels. Crocheting can help especially when you are creating something for your baby. You will then feel more connected to your little one, resulting in induced relaxation.

Elevated levels of stress and anxiety can make pregnancy even harder. It is crucial for mothers to look for ways to stay calm. Crocheting can be the answer to help reduce and even eliminate stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

Crocheting Can Help with Management of Pregnancy-Related Pain

Crochet can help women deal with pregnancy-related pain, as it helps distract the mind from the pain, and it can also produce a response in the body that can actually reduce pain.

Crochet works because it acts as a distraction from the pain. Once you get your mind off the pain, you effectively decrease the feeling of pain. It is more than just a distraction too. Crocheting can also increase the production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin functions as a natural pain killer or analgesic.

Crocheting Can Help Women Cope with Post-Partum Depression

Crocheting can be beneficial after you give birth, as well. Some mothers experience post-partum depression, and it is a hard situation to deal with. A mother who just gave birth is stressed out and exhausted, which can lead to post-partum depression.

PPD makes a woman feel terribly anxious, unable to focus, jittery, and worried, but crocheting is soothing and comforting. You can just focus on the stitches your hands are making that you tend to forget the awful feeling the rest of the time. When you are doing something that requires concentration, such as crocheting, you are not able to obsess over your own feelings and thoughts.

Crocheting Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Crocheting can help you relax, especially after wrapping up a good session. When you are relaxed, the cortisol level in your body decreases. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can be harmful to the heart and circulatory system at elevated levels.

Crocheting Can Actually Improve Your Math Skills

Crocheting is all about counting, measuring, multiplying, and patterning. When you crochet, you do most of them subconsciously, and you will eventually notice that you are faster in adding or multiplying numbers.

Crocheting Keeps Fingers Nimble

Crocheting requires a number of precise, small movements that are rapidly executed. This repeated activity is excellent for keeping your finger joints flexible, and the hand muscles steady and toned. Keeping the fingers moving by crocheting is also great for maintaining mobility in people with arthritis.

However, do not overdo it as with any activity. Make sure you take breaks and stretch in between.

Crocheting Sharpens Memory

Crocheting is also about remembering what you are doing: how many rows go into which part or what color stripe comes next. It makes you rely actively on your memory,  and the more you use it, your memory becomes stronger.

Crocheting Reduces Mindless Eating

When you are pregnant, you tend to eat a lot more. If your hands are busy with something else, you cannot reach the junk food on the side table.

Crocheting Can Help Boost Self-Esteem and Confidence

It is incredibly fulfilling when you finish a crochet project. You have something that you can show to everyone and say, “I was the one who did that!”

Crocheting is a skill that needs to be mastered, and it is not easy. Imagine, you can turn yarn into a hat, a blanket, a cardigan or something you can use, and that is awesome!

Crocheting Helps with Insomnia

When you are focused on something that is soothing, repetitive, and easy, such as doing crochet projects, it helps your mind and body to calm down to let you fall asleep. If you find yourself tossing and turning late at night, rather than getting frustrated, pick up a yarn and a hook and start crocheting.

Tips for An Even More Enjoyable Crocheting

Turn your skeins of yarn into balls before you begin crocheting

Technically, you can do crochet with skeins of yarn; however, you will have better results when you take time to turn the skein into a ball, especially if you are a beginner.

A ball of yarn helps avoid tangles. Pulling out a yarn from a skein can easily tangle towards the end, while a ball of yarn is less likely to tangle. When your yarn is turned into a ball, it can also improve tension.

You can do turn a skein into a ball by hand, or you can use ball winders to make it easier for you.

Remove any obstacle before you crochet

  • Jewelry – You might want to remove your jewelry, especially bracelets and rings before crocheting. Your yarn can catch on them and slow your progress.
  • Long Hair – If you have long hair that can get in the way, make sure to tie it back before you crochet. It helps to prevent getting your hair tangled in your crochet project.
  • Cats – When you are crocheting, keep cats out of the room if possible. When your cat sees that ball of yarn, they won’t be able to resist playing with it.

Switch crochet hooks when needed

Those who are new in crocheting tend to work either too loosely or too tightly.

  • If your work is too tight, change your crochet hook into a larger one.
  • If your work is too loose, change your crochet hook into a smaller one.
  • The hook size that is indicated on the yarn label is just a suggested starting point. If you feel that the hook is too large or small, you can change it.
  • Do experiment with hooks before starting a project. You can do this while you are making gauge swatches.

Position your yarn properly

Positioning your yarn properly will make your ball of yarn unwind easily while you crochet.

If you’re crocheting in a comfortable chair at home, you can place the ball of yarn on your lap or at your feet on the floor, whichever option you prefer.

If you’re crocheting in a moving vehicle or an airplane, tuck your ball of yarn inside your tote bag so it won’t roll around and unwind.

Try ergonomic crochet hooks

If your hands get easily tired, ergonomic hooks are right for you because they are designed to be super comfortable.


There are lots of things you can experiment with when it comes to crochet. You can:

  • Choose different yarns
  • Substitute colors in a pattern
  • Add designs to a plain pattern
  • Vary your stitches
  • Add or subtract details

Related Question

What yarn should I use if I am to make a garment for my baby?

Yarn for baby items should have enough elasticity. These yarns can be made from a combination of acrylic, wool, cotton, and bamboo. Choose a yarn that can also be put into the washer and dryer.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of hobbies you can do while you are pregnant. If you have never done crochet before and are interested in starting the craft, you are more than welcome to do so. Test the waters if you are comfortable with it and if you enjoy it. If learning to crochet makes you frustrated, you might want to look for another hobby.

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