Is Loom Knitting Cheating?

Is Loom Knitting Cheating?

Loom knitting is a craft technique that uses a loom instead of needles, but is it cheating? This method is a faster and more convenient way to knit without using any needles. However, some don’t understand its concept and call it cheating anyway. 

Loom knitting cheating is not cheating; it just offers a different way of knitting. Like using hand needles, you will give various options and do any knitting projects that you have in mind. The stitches’ structure is not different from hand knitting at all, but looms provide different ways of holding it.

Let us say that loom knitting is a different craft because it also involves different styles and tools used. Of course, we are all entitled to our opinions, but you have to be fair in the concepts behind loom knitting. If you’re judging it based on the tools used, why not try it and see it for yourself if loom knitting is cheating. 

How Do Loom Knitting And Needle Knitting Differ?

The significant difference between loom knitting and needle knitting is using a tool called “loom.” It is a frame with pegs that allows you to hold your stitches and work on your project.

Looms come in various shapes like round, oval, rectangle, straight with two rows of pegs, and straight with one row of pegs. Moreover, you can choose from s-shamed, and adjustable looms depending on your project’s shape and stitches.

Needle knitters may create an infinitely greater variety of designs, fabrics, and textures on the surface. With loom knitting, you have limited options to the loom you’ve got. With a given loom, only a specific range of yarn sizes will work well. The spacing of the loom pegs is not adjustable to handle denser or more beautiful yarn.

There are all kinds of additional finishes that you can apply to simple plain knitting. It involves knitting cables, stranded colorwork, knitted lace, increases, and decreases to adjust the fabric’s form that you knit. You can spend years studying new skills and strategies and still have a lot more to learn if you wanted to improve your skills. 

Looms are not appropriate for producing anything but simple stockinette cloth. It is because any given loom produces just one size of the tube or flat cloth. If you want to make more significant garments, you’ll have to piece several parts together. On the other hand, if you want smaller ones, you’ll have to find a smaller loom together. If your talent is limited to essential hats and plain scarves, a loom is excellent, but if you want to make cardigans or socks or fancy cable designs on your hats and scarves.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Loom Knitting?

Knitting the loom is fast and straightforward to learn and helps you build things around and lay flat. From the user’s point of view, the key advantages are the relative ease you can learn to master the requisite skills and the flexibility and strength of the techniques you learn.

Within a few minutes of training, most people might probably pick up the process, and once they had the idea, they wouldn’t need a lot of practice with the equipment. Only loop your yarn around the loom pegs, take a crochet hook, raise the bottom loops over the top ones, and then repeat.

By comparison, knitting needles are slower and more challenging to learn. Learning and getting the “feel” for the necessary skills may take a few hours, and days or weeks to become comfortable and relaxed.

Loom Knitting Is Not Cheating – Here Are Some Facts To Know

Loom knitting amongst many knitters is also a cause for debate. Some call it cheating for using a loom to knit for more than one occasion. Some also say using a knitting loom isn’t “real knitting.” There could not be anything further from the facts. Knitting the loom can be a great alternative if you want to give your knitting needles a moment’s rest. The following knitting details will certainly help you to save face when someone dares to call you a cheater for practicing loom knitting.

Fact #1 – Loom Knitting Has Always Been There Since Ancient Times

You might not know, but the Ancient Egyptians just liked to knit the loom. One artifact dating back to the 11th century AD consists of a pair of socks made in this way. Yes, believe it or not, loom knitting has always been there almost like the beginning of time. Now let’s see who dares to call cheats on the Ancient Egyptians.

Fact #2 – A Lot Of People Have Been Practicing Loom Knitting

Today is the right day to continue if you want to take on the knitting practice. With lots of manufacturers making loom supplies and selling them in stores and patterns and video tutorials, you’ll find it easy. Many people have been practicing loom knitting not because they want to cheat, but because they find it helpful and convenient to work their knitting projects with a loom.

FACT #3 – Looms May Have Been Predecessors Of Hand Knitting

While there is no hard evidence, the loom knitting may have been there before needles. The judges on this one are out, and you may want to take that with a salt pinch. Since loom knitting has been around since the Ancient Egyptians, there is a possibility that it came first or just the same time when hand knitting was invented. 

FACT #4 – Loom Knitting Is Still A Way Of Knitting 

When someone disagrees with you that knitting on a loom is not “true knitting,” think of it this way. You are only using your hands, the final designs look the same, and no equipment is being used. Loom knitting is another way of knitting except that it uses another tool to make the process faster, easier, and more convenient – and we don’t see anything wrong with it.

FACT #5 – Loom Knitting Is Suitable For All Ages

There’s a myth that knitting looms are just for girls. Nonetheless, it’s a way to quickly and easily pick up knitting, and the best thing to say is that it’s a perfect way for beginners to learn how to knit. Regardless of age and gender, loom knitting is suitable for everyone who wants to learn its process.

Why Should You Try Loom Knitting?

When your hands are hurting as you knit, spinning the loom will help. Many people who can’t knit needle or crochet can loom knit comfortably. There are even some pictures of a woman who was just able to knead a sweater for her dog using one arm. If you want to do a project with lots of increases and decreases, it will be much faster to knit the loom.

When you’re going to use different yarn sizes, there’s a more significant investment for looms companies. They’re typically far more costly than knitting needles and always need to be purchased if you want some choice. Looms are less compact than needles-not that you can’t tote them around, but yes, they are more extensive. If you don’t know how to knit, loom knitting can be easier to learn because you risk dropping stitches much less.

You can number looms, so you never need to look at your template. It can be helpful for a project you often pick up and put down. Some people use masking tape and write out their pattern next to each peg to “lose their place.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Loom knitting is a modern knitting technique that is used as an alternative to kneading needles. A loom is a frame with pegs, allowing you to make virtually all knitted items without needles. It is an excellent alternative to knitting needles, and many people are finding looms on their hands more comfortably. If you want to know more about loom knitting, here’s how it works.

Why is my loom knitting so tight?

Some people pull loops to loosen the stitch on the pegs. The problem is, they don’t realize it has the opposite effect. Once the row is full and you start a new one, you will find that the very first stitch is too long. It is because when you pull on a loop, the previous one tightens.

Is loom knitting easier?

Knitting a loom can produce the same projects conventional knitting can create, including intricate designs such as cables. The benefit of doing these on a loom is that it is much easier on your hands and typically works faster. Hence, most of the time, loom knitting is more comfortable compared to hand knit.

How does loom knitting work?

Loom knitting is a craft technique that uses a loom instead of needles. You can work on loom knitting by three categories: circular knitting, single, and double knitting. Single knitting can be done on any loom form, whereas circular knitting requires a continuous ring or peg frame. Typically all single and circular knitting starts with an e-wrap cast on, which wraps the yarn around any peg you use for your project.

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