30 Easy Crochet Project Ideas

30 Easy Crochet Project Ideas

The best way to learn how to crochet is to start doing easy crochet ideas. Some of the best things about crochet are that you can make beautiful, practical pieces even if you’re a straightener. You just need to learn the fundamentals of crochet to make a wide range of designs.

At a glimpse, here are the top easy crochet project ideas that you can do with fundamental skills, some materials, and even without experience.

  1. Blankets
  2. Shawls
  3. Baby Clothes
  4. Washcloth
  5. Towel
  6. Cup Holder
  7. Purse
  8. Gloves
  9. Headband
  10. Coasters

From scarves, blankets, to shawls – these knitting designs don’t require advanced skills. Aside from doing beautiful designs and knitted items, these starter patterns are perfect for instant satisfaction in doing crafts. Moreover, it is a great way to relax your mind while learning something new.

25 Easy Crochet Project Ideas For Beginners

Let’s start our list of the 25 easy crochet project ideas for beginners. These are proof that knitting patterns don’t have to be too complicated to create a beautiful project. Even simple project ideas would help you crochet items that you can also give as a gift.

Crochet Project Idea #1 – Single Crochet Washcloth

To do this project, you have to start with the basics, the single crochet. Work it in proper size rows, and in no time, you will have a washcloth. Use worsted acrylic yarn so that you can toss your washcloth in the washing machine without it shrinking or shedding after use.

Crochet Project Idea #2 – Crochet Washcloth Set 

Here’s another Crochet Washcloth option. Unlike the first one, this kind of washcloth requires single crochet and double crochet stitches. It is a duo that is perfect as a special gift, particularly when paired with a beautiful homemade body wash.

Crochet Project Idea #3 – Crochet Hand Towel 

Another useful crochet idea is a hand towel. You don’t have to buy anymore because you can create your custom hand towels right away. You can easily make a crochet kitchen hand towel with a hanging loop using the same techniques required for the washcloths or dishcloths. This hand towel incorporates a new stitch, called the pique stitch, creating a delicate texture.

Crochet Project Idea #4 – Easy Crochet Coffee Cup Holder

This coffee cup holder is suitable for everyone who loves to drink, well, coffee. With knitted coffee holders, your skin won’t get burned whenever you hold your espresso from your favorite shop. Best of all, you carry it with style. 

This lovely and comfortable coffee holder is suitable for beginners. You should be able to craft one in about 10 to 15 minutes, once you get the hang. These trendy little cup sweaters make a great alternative to a cozy coffee recyclable, plus it’s a terrific gift idea when coupled with a gift card to a favorite coffee shop for taking out.

Crochet Project Idea #5 – Easy Face Scrubby

To remove the makeup and wash your face, use a simple crochet circle to create a cotton face scrubby. A collection of scrubbies, particularly if you add a unique or handcrafted soap to the package, makes a great gift. This simple crochet pattern uses both single crochet stitches and half double crochet stitches.

Crochet Project Idea #6 – Crochet Tablet Cozy Pattern

Gadget cozies are basic rectangles, including cell phone cozies and tablet cozies like this one. Work them in basic crochet stitches, seam the sides to keep your gadget secure, and you’ve got a lovely, practical project to finish.

Crochet Project Idea #7 – Heart Crochets

Learn how to crochet a heart, which is easy. It is a three-round project that is quickly going up. Single crochet stitch rounds one and three. The shape of the heart comes from the strategic middle-round combination of half a double crochet and double crochet stitches. Use crochet hearts to add to other projects as an applique. They also make cute ornaments, decorations with cards, and patches.

Crochet Project Idea #8 – Crochet Purse

This crochet purse pattern isn’t all that different from a cozy design on a simple gadget. The difference is that ribbon yarn is used to give a bit of a smoother texture. Fill in a harness, and you have the ideal crochet brace.

Crochet Project Idea #9 – Baby Blanket

Create a lovely lacy crochet blanket, even as a starter. This free pattern is conceived using a single crochet and chain stitch only. It has a soft feel due to the use of worsted yarn with more delicate material.

Crochet Project Idea #10 – Blanket Scarf 

Adding fringe detail makes this scarf uniquely special. Keep it one color, or this project could be a perfect opportunity to learn how to crochet as colors change. In the super bulky yarn, the trick to keep this scarf plush is.

Crochet Project Idea #11 – Infinity Scarf 

Infinity scarves get their name because they are endless loops that go around and around. Each one is simple to make, working with single crochet stitches, half double crochet stitches, and full crochet. Chain spaces create a mesh-like openwork design that allows you to change the finished scarf size.

Crochet Project Idea #12 – Crochet Headband

This simple, convenient, and comfortable crochet headband works up quickly and makes a perfect last-minute gift. The pattern demands a half double crochet variation. Give it a crocheted scarf in a matching color.

Crochet Project Idea #13 – Fingerless Gloves

Once you’ve learned how to treble the crochet, these warm and cozy fingerless gloves can be made. It calls for a rectangle to be crocheted using a base stitch. Then sew it into a glove shape, leaving space for a thumb-hole. Indoors or outdoors, it is easy to wear peasy and comfortable.

Crochet Project Idea #14 – Men’s Scarf 

Crochet a scarf for your father, brother, or special someone by making a men’s crochet scarf. Simple stitches are used in this crochet scarf, a unisex design created with guys in mind. The pattern shows you an exceptional execution of the slip stitch; it fits through entire rows for a knit-like form.

It is because slip stitch is not often used this way, beginners may have to experiment a bit to get it right. However, the instructions are clear, and an advanced beginner can tackle this project with a little practice.

Crochet Project Idea #15 – Sweater 

If you’re new to crochet, you may think it’s going to be quite a while before you’re ready to take on a sweater project. However, some sweaters have a simple construction that can easily be made by beginners crocheters, like this soft and cozy pullover — no sewing needed.

Crochet Project Idea #16 – Crochet Ribbed Boot Cuffs 

Boot cuffs are fashionable, but it’s also a great crochet project for beginners. They’re made with a basic single crochet stitch, but they have a ribbed look because they’re just working in the back loop, a technique you’re going to learn with that pattern. Boot cuffs make stuffers welcome on holiday, particularly with a matching scarf.

Crochet Project Idea #17 – Leg Warmers

Create crochet leg warmers and take boot cuffs to the next stage. These beauties are made with double crochet stitches, and the color scheme comes from yarn that changes color and holds the pattern uncomplicated.

Crochet Project Idea #18 – Cowl Crochet

Although this cowl scarf looks like it’s knitted, it combines bulky yarn with a large Q crochet hook and a slip stitch to make this easy, quick-to-make cowl come true. It’s one of the best creations you’ll crochet, so make one for winter comfort in every color in your wardrobe.

Crochet Project Idea #19 – Woman’s Scarf

It is a super simple crochet scarf that fits in half a double crochet. Thick yarn and big hook mean it works up quickly. A fast change of color for the edging takes the theme to the next level.

Crochet Project Idea #20 – Ear Warmer 

Is it winter in your country? Try creating some crochet ear warmers! An ear warmer looks fantastic when your hair is piled up high in the wind or flowing. Since this project includes a few advanced beginner techniques, such as working in the third loop of half a double crochet, you can approach this as a novice crocheter. All sizes are open, including for babies, so you can be trendy, comfortable, and happy to have everyone on your list.

Crochet Project Idea #21 – Crochet Basket 

What a better way to put all your shopping items into a crochet basket? Unique and beautiful, other shoppers will look at it. Learn to use crocheted baskets in the round to add texture to your home. Putting a personalized touch into your home is a perfect project. This basket is large enough to carry magazines or toys. Allow the towels to keep larger. The key to this basket’s lushness is in the yarn type used, which is highland Peruvian wool.

Crochet Project Idea #22 – Crochet Bunting

Sometimes crochet bunting uses triangles and other patterns that require shaping expertise. However, this one is made using rectangles, so both indoors and outdoors, it is a beginner-friendly project for parties and seasonal garland decor.

Crochet Project Idea #23 – Crochet Bunting

Why not show off your imagination with this fashionable color block tote on your arm? This stitch pattern looks advanced, but it’s made from simple single crochet stitches and double crochet stitches, strategically placed to achieve the design. It is a pattern that is easy to repeat. The color blocking makes the tote fun and contemporary.

Crochet Project Idea #24 – Tote Bag from Dabbles and Babbles

The pattern on this 18-inch double-sided crochet pillow cover looks knitted, but it comes from the double crochet stitches at the front corner. Although the stitch is slightly advanced, beginners may feel comfortable taking on this project because it’s built for new crocheters looking for a minor challenge.

Crochet Project Idea #25 – Coasters

Start with crochet coasters, which are also known as mug rugs. Such tiny mats are made using single crochet. Thick yarn and a large crochet hook have a well-cushioned feel to them. For trendy coasters, add a few fringe and optional beads. Using recycled yarn from other ventures is a practical way to do it.

10 Easy Crochet Project Ideas For Children

Crocheting is for all ages, even for children. There are some projects that they can do during the summer break. It is also an excellent way to learn new things and the perfect time to get off from their eyes from any gadgets that they own. So, check out these ten easy crochet project ideas that are perfect for doing with your child.

Hand Crochet Scarf

Set aside your hooks when introducing a kid to crochet, and look for things that can be done with hands and feet! This soft and lightweight scarf is from hand palms. Moreover, it uses super thick fabric that makes it easier for a child to work with.

Crochet Necklace

It may not have those “bling bling,” but crochet necklaces are a fun way to learn new skills. For children, the best patterns don’t require increasing, decreasing, or advanced stitches, such as this essential necklace. It gives children the creative freedom to make a chain as long as they want, and adding the various beads will surely provide hours of fun.

Crochet Bow Tie

This crochet bow tie is not only cute but super simple to make, a little project that works up quickly. We can guarantee that every kid loves to make and wear this fashionable accessory. It is also a perfect father-and-son bonding.

Knitted Headband

This pretty necklace can look daunting, but it is made in single crochet stitches entirely. All your child needs to do to achieve the knotted look is a wrap-around some yarn! Store up on your favorite colors and follow this tutorial quickly and easily.


Children work best with a medium-to-large sized crochet hook, and this simple pattern uses a size H hook to create a sweet washcloth. Along with teaching them how to count stitches, this project may even encourage them to wash their face!

iPod Cosy

Children perform best with a medium to the large crochet hook, and this basic design produces a perfect washcloth using a size H hook. This project may even encourage them to wash their face and teach them how to count stitches.

Crochet Moustache

What better way than making this funny mustache pattern to practice double and triple crochet stitches? This little project is fast and symmetrical. Even so, kids can quickly practice it because you can all spend time together.

Pencil Pouch

If your child shows signs of becoming a crochet prodigy, help them make this simple, sweet pencil pouch. The pattern uses a hook I crochet size and is stitched in single crochet for the most part. A striped version is available, and the final move will allow you to introduce the youngster to the pretty scalloped stitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are serious about learning how to crochet, make sure that you know its fundamental techniques. You also have to take some time and patience because the learning curve can be a stringent process. However, there should be nothing that can stop you from learning new skills and improving yourself. Finally, let us answer some of the most common questions about crocheting.

What Do You Need To Start Crochet?

When it comes to learning how to crochet, you should start with the right kind of yarn and needle. The only things you need to get going are the right crochet hook, a starting yarn, and a pair of crochet scissors. When you first know how to crochet, the cheapest crochet hook to buy is a size I-9 hook. More importantly, the willingness to learn how to crochet.

What Can I Crochet With 4 Ply Yarn?

There are so many crochet ideas and patterns that you can do with 4-ply yarn. It is a lovely and ideal weight to use for crocheting lots of beautiful and straightforward patterns like shawls, hats, baby clothing, and some toys. Just run your creativity, and you will end up doing various projects using 4-ply yarn.

Is Single Or Double Crochet Faster?

Single crochet is faster than double crochet. The first one works up more quickly since there are fewer steps per stitch. Hence, it is why more crocheters are using single crochet because they find it dull, faster, and more convenient than double crochet. However, if the better quality is your after, then choose the latter.

Crocheting is a perfect family activity for young children to do too. Despite the intricate weaves involved, carrying a crochet needle with yarn will develop the physical ability and excellent motor skills. When you fail on a project, don’t let it be the reason to start learning. Instead, use it as a motivation to perfect the skills that you lack.

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