33 Crochet Patterns For Beginners And Pros Alike

Crochet Patterns For Beginners And Pros Alike

Crocheting is one of the most relaxing pastimes, and there are various crochet patterns for both beginners and pros alike. Crochet is a highly versatile project and can be a lot of fun. You use only one crochet hook instead of two knitting needles, and the finished product is always so beautiful. So, start working and ease all your troubles with yarn and a needle with these crochet patterns. 

25 Crochet Patterns For Beginners

Whether you are crocheting for yourself or giving as gifts, you’re sure to find a perfect pattern for what you want in these easy crochet patterns. Imagine surprising your friend with a blanket as a gift or making a new headband for your niece. Most of these patterns take very little time, so if you’re pretty good at crocheting, you could finish a couple in just a few weeks or even more.

Beginner Pattern #1 – Crochet Washcloth

Begin with the basics-single crochet. Work it in proper size rows, and in no time, you will have a washcloth. Use worsted acrylic yarn so that you can toss your washcloth in the washing machine without it shrinking or shedding after use.

Beginner Pattern #2 – Crochet Hand Towel

You can create a crochet kitchen hand towel with a hanging loop easily using the same techniques needed for the washcloths or dishcloths. Most crochet hand towels use a new stitch, called the pique stitch, to create a beautiful texture.

Beginner Pattern #3 – Easy And Cozy Crochet Coffee Cup 

Surprise your coffee-lover friend with this handy and cozy coffee cup holder, designed especially for beginner crocheters. Even if you are a beginner, you can craft one in about 10 to 15 minutes, once you get it going. These trendy little coffee holders make a great alternative to a cozy coffee recyclable, plus it’s a terrific gift idea when coupled with a gift card to a favorite coffee shop for taking out.

Beginner Pattern #4 – Simple Crochet Face Scrubby

In removing your makeup and washing your face, you can use a simple crochet circle to create a cotton facial scrubby. A scrubby set, especially if you add a unique or handcrafted soap to the present, makes a great gift. This simple crochet pattern uses both single crochet stitches and half double crochet stitches. You don’t have to buy disposable cotton or scrubby anymore because you can now crochet one for you.

Beginner Pattern #5 – Cozy Crochet Tablet Holder

Gadgets, including cell phones and tablets, require some protection from dents and scratches. Work some gadget cozies in simple crochet stitches, seam the sides to keep your gadget safe, and you’ve got a beautiful, functional crochet project.

Beginner Pattern #6 – Crochet Hearts

Learn how to create a crochet heart, which is simple to do. It is a three-round project that is fast working up. Single crochet stitch rounds one and three. The heart’s shape comes from the strategic middle-round combination of half a double crochet and double crochet stitches. Use crochet hearts to add to other projects as an applique. They also make cute ornaments, decorations with cards, and patches.

Beginner Pattern #7 – Elegant Crochet Purse

This crochet purse pattern does not look different from a cozy design on a simple gadget. The difference is that ribbon yarn is used to give a bit of a smoother texture. Fill in a strap, and you have the perfect crochet accessory. Whether it is a gift or for you, this crochet purse will impress anyone who sees it.

Beginner Pattern #8 – Crochet Baby Blanket

You can create a beautiful lacy crochet blanket for babies, even if you are just a beginner. You can use a single crochet and chain stitch, and you can still offer something that would give warmth to babies. Ensure that you use the right kind of yarn and thread to provide a soft texture on the blanket. Most crocheters use a softer light worsted yarn to achieve this texture.

Beginner Pattern #9 – Oversized Blanket Scarf

A cozy and oversized blanket scarf results in thick double crochet stitches. Adding fringe detail makes this scarf incredibly unique. Whether you keep it in one color tone or multiple hues, this project will always be an excellent opportunity to learn how to crochet while colors change. The trick is in the super bulky yarn to keep that scarf plush.

Beginner Pattern #10 – Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves get their name because they are endless loops that go around and around. This crochet pattern is easy to make, working with single crochet stitches, half double crochet stitches, and double crochet. Chain spaces create a mesh-like openwork design that allows you to adjust the finished scarf size. It is the perfect gift for winter, for your family member who loves to travel, and even your fashionista friend.

Beginner Pattern #11 – Crochet Headband

Who said gifts need to be expensive? This simple, convenient, and comfortable crochet headband works up quickly and makes a perfect last-minute gift. The pattern demands a half double crochet variation. Give it a crocheted scarf in a matching color.

Beginner Pattern #12 – Fingerless Gloves

Crochet Fingerless Gloves are the perfect gift for bikers and cyclers. Once you’ve learned how to treble the crochet, you can easily make these warm and cozy fingerless gloves. It calls for a rectangle to get crocheted using a base stitch. Then, sew it into a glove shape, leaving room for a thumb-hole. Indoors or outdoors, it is easy to wear these peasy and soft fingerless gloves.

Beginner Pattern #13 – Crochet Men’s Scarf

Crochet scarfs are not only for women because men can wear them, too. It is the perfect gift for those who love to ride big bikes and even those stylish persons. You can use simple stitches in this crochet scarf, a unisex design created with guys in mind. The pattern teaches you a unique slip stitch; it works across entire rows for a knit-like style. Since slip stitch is not often used in this way, beginners may have to experiment a bit to get it right. 

Beginner Pattern #14 – Beginner Hygge Sweater

What’s better to wear on a lazy winter day but a sweater? Ready yourself and your family with the upcoming holidays with a personalized sweater. If you’re new to crochet, you may think it will be quite a while before you’re ready to take on a sweater project. Moreover, some pullovers have a simple construction that beginners crocheters can easily make, like this soft and cozy pullover that needs no sewing.

Beginner Pattern #15 – Ribbed Boot Cuffs

Boot cuffs are trendy, but it’s also a perfect crochet project for beginners. You can make it with a simple single crochet stitch, but they have a ribbed look as they’re only working in the back loop, a technique you’re going to learn with this easy pattern. Moreover, boot cuffs make stuffers welcome on holiday, particularly with a matching scarf.

Beginner Pattern #16 – Crochet Leg Warmers

Make crochet leg warmers and take boot cuffs to the next level. These beauties come with double crochet stitches. Moreover, the color scheme comes from yarn that changes color and keeps the pattern uncomplicated. For your teenage kid, niece, or nephew, a pair of leg warmers is the best gift that you can give for their birthdays and other special occasions.

Beginner Pattern #17 – Crimson Forest Cowl

Although this cowl scarf looks like it’s knitted, it combines bulky yarn with a large Q crochet hook and a slip stitch to make this easy and quick-to-make cowl. It’s one of the easiest creations you’ll crochet, so make one for winter comfort in every color in your wardrobe.

Beginner Pattern #18 – Crochet Ear Warmers

Complete your winter outfit with these crochet ear warmers. Whether your hair is piled up high or flowing in the wind, an ear warmer looks terrific. Although this project contains a few advanced beginner techniques, such as working in the third loop of half a double crochet, you can tackle this as a new crocheter. All sizes are available, even for infants, so that you can make everyone on your list fashionable, warm, and happy.

Beginner Pattern #19 – Crochet Basket

For your parent friends, this crochet basket is a perfect gift. You can also make one for yourself and use it when running errands like shopping and buying in a grocery. Better yet, you can use it as a stylish item for your home. Learn how to add texture to your home using crocheted baskets in the round. The adding of a personalized touch to your home is a perfect project. That basket is large enough to hold magazines or toys. The key to this basket’s lushness is in the type of yarn used, highland Peruvian wool.

Beginner Pattern #20 – Crochet Bunting

Often crochet bunting uses triangles and other patterns that require shaping knowledge. You can make this crochet pattern using rectangles, so both indoors and outdoors, it is a beginner-friendly project for parties and seasonal garland decor.

Beginner Pattern #21 – Color Block Crochet Tote Bag

This easy crochet tote bag is an excellent gift for yourself, friends, family, and special someone. So, show off your creativity and crochet skills by making this elegant and beautiful block crochet tote bag. It may look like an advanced pattern, but you can do it with single crochet and double crochet stitches. Just make sure to place it strategically to achieve your desired design. Overall, crochet tote bags are an easy repeating pattern, and the color blocking makes the tote bag more fun and modern.

Beginner Pattern #22 – Crochet Soft Pillow

The texture on most of these double-sided crochet pillow covers looks knitted, but it comes from the double crochet stitches at the front post. While the stitch is slightly advanced, beginners may feel confident about taking on this project because it’s designed for new crocheters looking for a slight challenge.

Beginner Pattern #23 – Easy Crochet Coasters

Quickly start with these crochet coasters, known as mug rugs. You can make these small rugs using just one crochet. Thick yarn and a large crochet hook provide a nice cushioned texture to them. For cute coasters, add a few fringe and optional beads. Using scrap yarn from other projects is a practical way to do it.

Beginner Pattern #24 – Crochet Afghan Patterns

Have you been hunting for stunning afghan crochet patterns? Make your first afghan and use All Double Crochet Afghan to practice your stitches. 

Beginner Pattern #25 – Baby Bootie Pattern

Nothing is cuter than a pair of baby booties. If you’re learning how to crochet baby booties, try out this list of comfortable crochet baby booties. There are more advanced crochet patterns for baby booties too. That way, everybody in their life can make some cute booties for a baby.

We’ve created 30 more easy crochet patterns for you to make. Check it out here.

8 Crochet Patterns For Pros Alike 

If you’ve perfected the fundamental crochet stitches, then you’re prepared to diversify your knowledge and skills to include an array of advanced crochet patterns. Let us check out these eight crochet patterns for pros and projects with even more detailed texture and intricate designs.

Crochet Patterns For Pros Alike #1 – Colorful, Textured, Floral Crochet Afghan Square

It’s an Afghan square with three-dimensional textured crochet with a flower in the center and floral details all through. To create this striking 20-inch square, you will use eighteen different colors. You will also use a variety of advanced crochet stitches, including bobbles or popcorns.

This crochet square can be used as the front of a stunning crochet cushion. You can also make four of it and join together to create a blanket. It is actually one of four different designs designed to go together to create an afghan. The other three crochet squares are progressive crochet patterns as well. With this pattern, you will have a lot of fun and impress anyone who sees your work. 

Crochet Patterns For Pros Alike #2 – 48-Round Crochet Doily

If you find a thread to crochet a tricky technique, this crochet project will challenge you. It works with thick yarn, so it’s not too demanding, but it has many details. To create a 19-inch design, 48 total rounds will look great on a tabletop or even hang up as wall art.

This crochet pattern uses various advanced stitches, including post stitches, picots, clusters, and just one loop. You’ll use some of these stitches to create an advanced version of pineapple vintage crochet lace.

Crochet Patterns For Pros Alike #3 – Advanced Crochet Blanket 

Blankets can be both easy or advanced, depending on the pattern that you use. Have you ever worked on top single crochet or full double crochet stitches backward? What about Double Crochet Stitches Extended? If you’re new to these, then this crochet blanket pattern will be wonderfully challenging for you.

Even if you’re familiar with all the stitches, including post stitches that create cable-like texture across the top of the blanket, you’re going to have to pay close attention to each round to get this blanket right. It is an advanced crochet pattern that can be adapted to varying sizes.

Crochet Patterns For Pros Alike #4 – Colorful Crochet Dragon

An 18-inch tall crochet dragon has a wingspan of two feet, and it’s poseable thanks to the craft wire you’ll be working around. It is such an advanced crochet project that it takes more than 100 pages to complete the pattern! You will use techniques in the amigurumi style, combined with other advanced stitches. You’ll even add some gems to your feet. 

Crochet Patterns For Pros Alike #5 – Crochet Drawstring Bag

This crochet bag has a deceptively simple appearance. If you look closer, though, you will see this is an advanced crochet pattern. Just look at the detail through which the drawstring pulls in the crochet clasps, and you will get a sense of the design’s real complexity.

One of the things you’ll learn about this crochet pattern is Single Crochet Anchored Back Loop. To get this stitch perfect, you have to have the right tension, which makes it a challenge. This pattern will also give you chainless foundations to work, staggering increases, and stitches to post.

Crochet Patterns For Pros Alike #6 – Jellyfish-Inspired Crochet Blanket

The fireworks jellyfish inspired that crochet blanket pattern. The designer carefully crafted it to capture a quasi-transparent jellyfish’s “depth and movement” against the deep sea’s darkness. For a 76-inch Jellyfish-Inspired Crochet Blanket, you’ll need almost 7000 yards of yarn and add fringe around the entire thing.

Crochet Patterns For Pros Alike #7 – Advanced Crochet Sweater 

This lovely sweater incorporates a unique technique called the braid for the puff stitch. You will learn how to work with this technique, creating short rows that make stunning asymmetric lines across the sweater.

Crochet Patterns For Pros Alike #8 – Interwoven Crochet Blanket

Interwoven crochet, also referred to as interlocking crochet, is an advanced technique which combines color changes and stitches to create graphic designs. Also, that fabric is reversible! Once you notice that your crochet blanket is wavy, it shouldn’t be, find out how you can fix it here.

7 Tips To Make Your Crochet Patterns

The urge to create your original pieces is soon to follow after you’ve got the crocheting hang. Though you could just free form and see what’s going on, you might want to create a pattern to keep you on hand, or even share it with others. When creating your crochet pattern, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind, and inventing something new is a fun task to take on. For a few suggestions, read below before you embark on the path to self-made patterns.

Tip #1 – Get A Good Idea Of Your Desired Project

Take the time to sit down, think what you want, and outline the finished product. An excellent crocheter provides excellent advice on this initial step in the process and recommends visualizing your concept, drawing it out, and taking sizes and measurements into consideration. Sketching it out might spark other ideas for the project. Moreover, it makes you think about things like hook size and what kind of yarn you want to use.

Tip #2 – Keep Previously Used Patterns And Get Inspirations

In terms of building your own, you could learn a lot from past patterns – perhaps you’ve seen instructions for a particular stitch and want to incorporate that into your piece. Looking back at old patterns can provide some hints on where to go and what to do with the new one you’d like to make. 

Most crocheters are trying to make their customed patterns get inspiration from the previous projects they’ve completed. So, for every crochet project you make, apply all the lessons and experience you’ve learned. These are essential in making your crochet patterns.

Tip #3 – Master The Art Of Counting Stitches And Rows

Most crocheters overlook this part, but counting stitches and rows are helpful so you can make an accurate pattern. There’s something to say because you can count these as you do them, and write them down later so that everything on paper matches what you’ve finished so far.

Tip #4 – Consider Using A Program That Makes Crochet Charts

You can learn how to make crochet charts in Microsoft Excel to make a crochet chart of a picture or idea. There are several other online resources for this, such as Tricksy Knitter, PCStitch, and Free Pattern Wizard – if you want some help mapping all out. Take advantage of the modern application and technology to make your customer crochet patterns more accurate and beautiful. Nowadays, you can search for various online programs or install apps to make your life easier in making crochet patterns.

Tip #5 – Start By Making A Small Sample

Making a small sample is an excellent tip if you’re starting making your customer crochet pattern. It helps you make a little practice swatch of your pattern and get the rhythm started. This way, you can see how the texture will be with the yarn and how it works with the hook you’re using. Moreover, you can also use a swatch to help you size your customized pattern.

You can decide in advance that the swatch is a specific size, and then you can count how many stitches and rows are there. It will help you calculate the project’s overall size and better visualize what it will look like. If you need to make any adjustments, it would be easier to do since you’ve just crocheted a small sample – a big project hasn’t started quite yet.

Tip #6 – Write Down Your Plans And All Notes That You Have

You’ll want to write down everything from size calculations to specific instructions as you go along. This way, you’ll have a particular record of what you’ve done and can make a definite pattern, or if necessary, you could even look back on what you’ve done and correct mistakes. If you want to take notes quickly with shorthand, be sure that when you come back to it later, you will understand what you are writing!

Taking down notes is the best way to understand and remember everything. Moreover, it ensures that you can make your pattern without forgetting anything. By writing down notes, you don’t have to do measurements and search for the right yarns over and over again. You look at your notes, and you know what to do until you master making your crochet pattern without looking at your notes. You can put it on your laptop, phone, or anywhere you’re sure you won’t lose it.

Tip #7 – Keep On Practicing And Mastering Your Crochet Pattern

Practice, practice, and do some more. It takes lots of practice to figure things out, what works, and what doesn’t work when making your pattern from scratch. But don’t get upset! You’re going to get there with patience, and you can even start small by just trying to modify a pattern – perhaps you’re trying to make a pair of slippers or gloves of a different size, for example. From there, you can expand your crocheting arsenal to original pieces, and you’ll get the hang of it with practice!

Making your creative patterns is clean, and it’s even better when someone compliments your work, asks about the pattern, and you can share it with the world. More importantly, make sure that you are having fun with every step, and keep all the lessons with you. These are the key elements to become a better crocheter.


One of the best things about crochet is that you can make beautiful, functional items even if you’re a stater. It would help if you learned some basics about crochet to create a wide variety of designs. Crochet scarves, blankets, and shawls are all simple forms of the rectangles. They don’t require you to know the advanced crocheting skills of beginners like increasing and decreasing. Even if you’re an advanced crocheter, the beginner patterns are perfect when it comes to crafting for relaxation and instant gratification.

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