Is Using A Knitting Machine Cheating?

Is Using A Knitting Machine Cheating

You’ve probably heard someone say that using a machine in knitting is cheating. But is it really that bad to use it? Let me tell you that those who say that it is cheating have negative ideas about knitting machines. There are good reasons why people sometimes use it.

Even a professional would understand that using an extra hand through a machine is not an act of cheating. Home knitting machines are not like those that are in a factory with an automated process. The user still has to manually operate and do the stitches. The only difference is that a machine helps them do it. 

It’s a distinct skillset from hand-knitting, of course. The user still needs to know how to set the tension, use different buttons, and levers to shape various stitch kinds. So, let me give you more reasons why knitting with a machine is not cheating at all. 

Is Using A Knitting Machine Cheating?

One running sentiment is that you are somehow cheating when you use a machine. It’s because the user allegedly no longer handmade the knitted object. It invariably comes from individuals who have never seen or used a computer in their lives before.

But why? It is due to the “machine” in it. Much like a camera, a printing press, or a weaving loom, a knitting machine is simply a device. There are a few crafts that do not require any materials, which are purely 100% handmade. While in the industry, some incredibly sophisticated devices simply do anything without any oversight. These cost thousands of buckets that are useful in the automated industry.

When we hear “machine knitting,” it’s not what we’re talking about. The most popular domestic knitting machines have no electrical activity at all. The user also has to sit there and do all the knitting and stitch manipulation themselves. Some of the younger ones do, but this just helps the patterning.

When using a knitting machine, there is still a lot of hand manipulation. It requires casting, rising, and decreasing on and off. But no one else can tell that it’s cheating to knit with a gadget. In doing other more advanced knitting techniques, think of it as a support or extra hand.

Hand Knitting vs. Machine Knitting

It would come to mind to talk about speed knitting, and yes, knitting on a computer. You have probably thought of buying a knitting machine if you’re a hand knitter who wants to make more knitted items in a matter of less time.

It is also the case for hand knitters wishing to knit by knitting for charities to the next level. Or maybe it’s because you created a demand for purchasing your hand knits and decided to knit for profit.

Any knitter would do better with a knitting machine if they have thoroughly looked at every aspect of it. Even if you had several years of hand knitting experience, you would not be an immediate expert in developing knitting machines.

But with a little know-how on some commonly used domestic knitting machines and the way they operate, you can certainly bring out the best in knitting machines. You can make your chosen knitting projects with your imagination to tweak some of your knitting designs.

Different Yarns for Different Knitting Machines

In hand knitting, with various yarn sizes, the knitting needle’s size or the hook size for crocheting varies. Essentially, 4 gauges are used for knitting on computers. It requires lace weight for yarns of bulky weight. According to its gauges, various styles of knitting machines exist.

  • Lace weight yarn – It is the lightest yarn used for thin clothes, doilies, and shawls for lightweight pieces. For beginner knitters, this is not advisable to use.
  • Super fine and light yarn – This yarn is a fingering weight or sport weight yarn. You can use it for knitting smaller things such as baby caps, socks, mittens, and shorter garments.
  • Bulky and super bulky – You need thicker needles to knit this yarn. It is ideal for thick blankets, comforters, curtains, and sweaters. 

You can easily input this information when selecting the right yarn for your knitting machine if you know these yarn sizes by heart. On a fine gauge knitting machine, never use a big string, as it will undoubtedly be wasted when the yarn gets jammed by your knitting carriage.

So be careful to know which variety of threads you can use to avoid harming your knitting machine.

Is Using A Knitting Machine Cheating

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hand Knitting and Machine Knitting 

The number one advantage of knitting machines over hand knitting, as stated earlier, is speed and quality. You can choose from different automated features in knitting machines that can. It will help you produce patterns in minutes while preserving design continuity.

With hand knitting, versatility in adjusting design designs can be easily accomplished in the middle of a knitting session than in computers. Both on a knitting machine and with hand knitting can help you achieve intricate designs. However, you can still knit colorful garments with intricate patterns with machine knitting if you are not very good at hand knitting.

Knitting in machines for big projects is a perfect way to finish them in a much faster time. With hand knitting, you can be more imaginative. Hand knitting is also a gentle way for your mind to relieve stress and anxiety. Some knitting machines create noisy noises when sewing, depending on the device that you’re using.

Why Use A Machine?

The main advantage of the machine is the speed it brings to the knitting process. For example, you can finish a scarf in less than an hour, a plain sweater can be knitted in a day. It could be the other explanation why it’s seen as cheating, but it’s not. As you use the knitting machine, you would also exert effort, put blood, sweat, and tears into your garments.

A knitting machine will help you work faster and more accurately. Think of it like a calculator for accountants, a camera for TV producers, and a laptop for writers. These are pieces of high-end equipment that will help you get the job more beautifully ins the shortest time possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to use a knitting machine, no one should ever stop you. It is not like that fully-operated machine that you can see in most garment factories. You still need to operate it. Besides, you have to do other knitting activities to get the job done. Finally, here are more questions about the knitting machine.

What can you do with a knitting machine?

You can do a lot of projects and complete patterns with a knitting machine. It is equipment that you can use to create knitted apparel or fabrics. When knitting for charity, giveaways, or looking to knit for profit, you can use it. You have unlimited options. Use your imagination and creativity to leverage your knitting machine and improve your skills as a knitter.

Can you use hand knitting patterns on a knitting machine?

On a knitting machine, almost all hand knitting patterns can be used. The most basic to intermediate designs can be easily adapted. The more complicated the design means you will need to use a computer knitting pattern or ask for guidance. You will have to be mindful of the pattern’s degree of complexity as well.

Is loom knitting faster than hand knitting?

Knitting on a loom, including intricate designs such as cables, will create the same kinds of projects that conventional knitting can. The advantage of making these on a loom is that it’s much more straightforward and typically works faster on your hands. For hundreds, maybe thousands of years, Loom Knitting has been around.

What is the best knitting machine for beginners?

As a beginner, you can choose from different knitting machines. But the Singer Knitting Machine is the most famous option. You can use it in almost any crafts, whether for kids or for your adult friends. A wide range of sizes, shapes, and varieties come with this circular knitting unit. It’s made for knitting yarn of almost any kind of weight. When choosing a machine, make sure that it matches the projects that you want to make. More importantly, it should fit your budget.

Can you knit socks on a knitting machine?

You can knit socks using a knitting machine. You can even make several patterns depending on your preference. Set up a bonnet or webbing at the machine’s center to make socks on a knitting machine to make the needle travel continuously. Thread and knit about two or three inches with some brightly colored scrap yarn. You can then clip and tear this scrap yarn from the hem of your sock later when you finish your sock.

Final Thoughts On Knitting Machine 

Even a specialist must realize that it is not cheating to use an extra hand through a machine. Home knitting machines are not like those which have an automated process in the factory. The user also needs to operate the stitches manually to do them. The only distinction is that a computer enables them to do it.

Knitting using a machine is not cheating. Any knitter would do better with a knitting machine if they have thoroughly looked at every aspect of it. Even if you had several years of hand knitting experience, you wouldn’t be an immediate knitting expert in developing knitting machines. When someone tells you that, give him some facts about why the person is looking at a knitting machine so negatively.

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