What is a Yarn Advent Calendar?

What is a Yarn Advent Calendar

A yarn advent calendar is one of the most special gifts that every knitter or crocheter can ever have. It could be for yourself or for someone special who also loves knitting and crocheting. But what is a yarn advent calendar? For those who have no idea about it, let me explain it to you.

The Yarn advent calendar is a highly anticipated part of every knitter holiday. It is a calendar usually starting from December 1st and counts the date until Christmas. The twist here is that the advent calendar owner receives and opens a gift each day.

Holidays are all about giving and sharing. It is so much fun when you give or receive a surprise every day, isn’t it? Suppose you are looking for the best holiday gift for knitters and crochet lovers. In that case, the advent yarn calendar is a perfect candidate. Let us learn more about the advent calendar and about advent itself.

2 Types Of Yarn Advent Calendar

A yarn calendar advent comes into two types. It can be a Jimmy beans wool or dawn’s advent. What are the differences?

The Jimmy beans wool yarn advent calendar is like a collection of yarn. The receiver will open different strings each day for 24 days, maximum. It is like a hint along the way to give the project the idea to make at the end of the advent calendar.

On the other hand, dawn’s advent is more of notions and accessories for knitting and crochets. So, it can be any random things that can help a knitter or crocheter. If you can’t find a pattern, you can just send simple accessories that knitters and crochet lovers can use. Even a simple tin can for putting small objects like loop counters would count.

Yarn Advent calendars have become, and with good reason, a highly awaited portion of the yarn calendar. Receive yarn or concepts to open in December in one perfectly selected set. Give yourself small regular gifts or send one to a friend who may use some holiday cheer.

Where Can You Buy a Yarn Advent Calendar?

You can buy a yarn advent calendar at different knitting or crochet stores online. Some art shops may also accept customized making of advent calendars. It allows you to pre-order and choose whether you want a Jimmy beans wool or dawn’s calendar. 

Just make sure that the receiver will understand how to make the pattern if you choose the Jimmy beans wool advent. Sometimes, the seller will let you select a design you want to give to your friend or yourself.

Can You Make A Yarn Advent Calendar?

If you want to add more customizations, you can always make a yarn advent calendar for your special someone. You can order a customized magnetic box where you can put the gifts. It can even be in a simple box and let the receiver look for their next gift.

Why Choose a Yarn Advent Calendar As a Gift?

Nothing beats the feeling of opening gifts and surprises each day. You can choose to share the love and your blessing with other people who also love knitting or crocheting for the holiday season. As they say, ‘it’s the thought that counts.’ 

It may be expensive, but, believe me, there are many knitting items you can buy at a reasonable price. You just have to search for the best deals. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of making someone happy because of you.

What is a Yarn Advent Calendar

Origin Of Advent Calendars

Do you want to investigate the history and get to the bottom of advent calendars? The advent calendars date back to the 19th century, according to the German company Sellmer Advents-Kallender. It was when religious Protestant families would mark their doors in chalk every December to count until Christmas.

Instead of chalk lines, families might use candles before someone merged the drawing and candle practice as the Christmas legend goes. Gerhard Lang, the founder of the first documented, printed advent calendar, allegedly came up with his mother’s idea. She made him keep small candles on cardboard to mark his count until Christmas during his childhood.

As an adult, Land seems to have taken the notion and played with it, publishing manufactured copies in the printing office where he worked. The holiday industry has caught up as it appears to happen. Now we get to enjoy the advent calendar worldwide. Plus, there are plenty of choices today to greet everyone in December.

How To Use An Advent Calendar?

The only way to use an advent calendar, whether for yarn or knitter lovers, is to open one gift per day. It usually starts at the beginning of the advent month and ends before Christmas day.

The calendar’s object is not to count down but to count down to the days before Christmas. Think of it this way: you would want to end up with 24 marks or candles, not one if you would use good old-fashioned chalk marks or candles for your advent calendar. So, work your way up and enjoy the little prizes along the way with your print calendar as well.

The 3 Main Advent Colors Are Full of Meaning

The aim of the Advent season is to prepare one’s heart for Christ’s coming at Christmas. An Advent wreath decorated with five candles is traditionally used during those four weeks to symbolize various spiritual aspects of getting ready—the three colors of the Advent candle, purple, pink, and white.

These colors reflect the spiritual training that believers undergo to prepare their hearts for the Savior Jesus Christ, to be born (or to come). You can use other bright colors related to Christmas, like red or yellow, for your yarn advent calendar. I just want you to be aware of the origin of advent and its colors.

Purple or Blue

The main color of advent has historically been purple or violet. This hue symbolizes fasting and repentance. One way Christians express their devotion to God and prepare their hearts for his advent is the spiritual practice of refusing themselves food or any other pleasure. 

The liturgical color for Lent’s season, which likewise requires a time of contemplation, repentance, self-denial, and spiritual preparation, is also purple-violet.

Purple is also the color of Christ’s royalty and supremacy, known as the “King of Kings.” In this application, purple thus reflects the hope and reception of the coming King celebrated during advent.

Today, as a way of separating Advent from Lent, many churches have started to use blue instead of purple. Christians wear purple during Lent because of its similarities to royalty and its association with sorrow and hence the torment of the crucifixion. Some use blue to signify the hue of the night sky or the waters of the new creations.

The Advent wreath’s first candle, the prophecy candle, or the candle of hope, is purple. The second is called the candle of Bethlehem, or the preparation candle, and it is purple as well. Similarly, purple is the fourth Advent candle color. It’s called the angel candle, or the candle of devotion.

Pink or Rose

One of the Advent colors used on the third Sunday of Advent, also known in the Catholic Church as Gaudete Sunday, is pink or rose. During Lent, on Laetare Sunday, which is also called Mothering Sunday and Refreshment Sunday, rose-pink is similarly used.

Pink or rose reflects joy or rejoicing and shows a change away from repentance and toward celebration in the season of advent. Pink is the third Advent candle color on the wreath. It is called the Candle of the Shepherd, or the Candle of Joy.


White is the Advent candle’s color, which represents purity, light, rebirth, and godliness. White is a sign of triumph as well.

The sinless, spotless, pure Savior is Jesus Christ. He is the light that comes into a world that is dark and dying. In the Bible, he is frequently represented wearing dazzling, intensely white garments, such as snow or pure wool, sparkling with the brightest of light.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, spiritually preparing one’s heart by reflecting on the colors of advent. It is a perfect way for Christian families to hold Christ at the center of Christmas. The same method for parents to teach their children the true meaning of Christmas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advent yarn calendar is about sharing love and kindness with your loved ones who are also knitting and crocheting. When it comes to gifts, there is nothing wrong or right. What matters more is the effort and time you gave to deliver your surprises. 

Is an Advent calendar a countdown?

They have historically been reusable and built to provide a cheerful Christmas countdown yearly. The common belief that advent starts on December 1st comes from these long-lasting calendars. But other people start their advent on different days of December until the new year. 

Why do they call it an Advent calendar?

Advent comes from the Latin word for ‘going towards and Christmas is coming in time for advent. The design of Advent calendars soon took off, and the idea was carried up by other printers. On the calendar doors, early Advent calendars will print Bible verses suitable to the Advent season.

What does purple mean in advent?

The main color of advent has historically been purple (or violet). This hue symbolizes fasting and repentance. The Advent wreath’s first candle, the prophecy candle, or the candle of hope, is purple. The second is called the candle of Bethlehem, or the preparation candle, and it is purple as well.


The holidays teach us to be good and loving to one another. Yarn advent calendars have been around for a while. If you haven’t given one to your friend or gotten one for yourself, now is your time to try it. It’s all about fun and remembering that Christ is always here for us.

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