What Yarn Should I Use For Knitting A Baby Blanket?

The yarn you should use for knitting a baby blanket should be baby yarn. There are many types of yarn out there, though. So, you better know what you would use because the baby will use it. They need a soft material for their delicate skin. You wouldn’t be wrong if you choose the right yarn, which is baby yarn.

There are many types of yarn out there in the market, but only choose the best out of them. The recommended yarns are acrylic or cotton blends. These are soft and necessary to use by the babies. There is six branded yarn for knitting a baby’s blanket.

  1. Knit Picks
  2. Bernat
  3. Lion Brand Yarns
  4. Universal Yarn
  5. Caron
  6. Patons

You can learn a lot from different yarn in knitting a baby’s blanket. You can also have a deeper understanding whenever you want to study it. If you are interested, you can make it till the end of this. Enjoy choosing the yarn for knitting. Choose smart, then.

What Are the Different Yarns to Use for a Baby Blanket?

The yarn should be soft and washable. Hence, they are inexpensive and come in different colors. You will need the softest yarn in the town. For your budget, pick the acrylic one with some gorgeous colors. Here are the five different yarns for a baby blanket.

1. Knit Pick Brava

It is 100% acrylic with bright colors. It is washable and dryable. The product line is brava and medium as its yarn weight. It is 100g with 218 yds/199m. It has a knitting gauge of 4.5 to 5 stitches equal to 1 inch. The crochet gauge is 11 to 14 sc = 4 inches. US 7 to 8 needles (4.5mm-5mm) is ideal as a knitting needle. The recommended crochet hook is I – K hooks (5.5mm – 6.5mm). 

2. Bernat Softee Baby

This one is also 100% acrylic, and it is washable and has a soft touch. It is admirable because the color is pastel. It is not only for the blanket, but also for the baby’s garments. Its brand is Bernat, and the product line is Softee Baby. It has a lightweight yarn of three (3). 

It is handy to use and clean it up with a machine wash. The skein weight or ball size is 5 oz. / 140 g and 362 yd. / 331m. The knitting gauge is 22 sts – 30 rows = 4 inches (10 cm). 16 sc – 19 rows = 4 inches (10 cm) is the crochet gauge. The suggested knitting needle is 4.00 mm, US – 6. The suggested crochet hook is 4.00 mm, US – G/6. 

3. Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball

It is 100% made from polyester yarn. It is a little expensive and gives you a very soft texture. This yarn is excellent for a baby’s blanket. Of course, the product is Bernat, and its product line is a baby blanket big ball. 

It is a super bulky weight yarn of six (6). Its skein weight is 10.5 oz. / 300 g. The yardage is 220 yd. / 201 m. The knitting gauge is eight sts – 13 rows = 4inches (10 cm). The crochet gauge is eight sc – 8 rows = 4 inches (10 cm). The suggested knitting needles are 8.00 mm, US 11, and the suggested crochet hook is 8.00 mm, US L/11. 

4. Lion Brand Baby Soft

It one is sporty or light yarn. It comes into a different color palette of pastels that everyone can choose from. It also has a soft texture. The brand is lion brand yarns, and the product line is Babysoft. It is a lightweight yarn of three (3). The materials are 60% Acrylic and 40% Nylon. The Skein weight is 5 oz. / 140 g and the yardage is 459 yd. / 420 m. 

The knitting gauge is 22 sts – 30 rows = 4 inches (10 cm), and the crochet gauge is 16 sc – 20 rows = 4 inches (10 cm). The suggested knitting needle is 4 mm, US – 6, while the suggested crochet hook is 4 mm, US – G/6. 

5. Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice 

It one has bright and pastel colors, but it is not soft like the other yarn. It is 100% acrylic, so it is still the best yarn to use for a baby’s blanket. It is easy to care about since this is washable and dryable. 

The skein weight is 3.5 oz. / 100 g, and the yardage is 170 yd. / 156 m. Also, the knitting gauge is 16 sts – 22 rows = 4″ (10 cm), and the crochet gauge is 12 sc – 15 rows = 4″ (10 cm). The suggested knitting needle is 5.5 mm, US – 9, and the suggested crochet hook is 6 mm, US – J/10. 

What Is The Difference Between Baby Yarn And Regular Yarn? 

Since babies have sensitive skins that they can feel the itch right away and make lots of messes, know the difference between a regular yarn and baby yarn. 

Baby Yarn

Baby yarn is soft on the baby’s skin and more washable than ordinary yarn. It also has a smaller weight compared to regular yarn. It can be fireproof because the acrylic on it melts when the heat is rising. 

It is also more durable than standard yarn. Baby barn can be 100% cotton or 100% acrylic. Yarns usually are in the best condition before arriving in the factories to avoid substances contacting the baby’s skin, like chemical substances. Also, the baby yarn has a variety of colors that you can choose. 

Regular Yarn

Regular yarn is just simple. Whenever it has materials on it, then there you go. You can buy it in the market. Regular yarn can be harmful to your babies since it is not tested and monitored before pulling it into the market. Some say there is no difference between regular yarn and baby yarn. 

But, if you search for more, you can weigh them both and choose the best yarn. You will use a blanket for your baby 24/7. Do not be admired by colors (pastel or bright). It is too good to be true. Be aware of what yarn is the best for your baby. Do not skimp money because it is for the baby. 

You should not put your baby at risk by choosing regular yarns to save some money. Never compromise your baby’s overall skin health by choosing, which is not best for them. Also, always consider the brand, product line, weight, contents, skein weight, yardage, care, and knitting gauge, crochet gauge, suggested knitting needle, and suggested knitting hook. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the best yarn for knitting a baby’s blanket gets too complicated, especially when you like the bright and pastel colors. Hence, be aware of choosing the best for the baby. Select the best and study fresh blankets that would not put the baby in harmful incidents.

What wool do I use for a baby blanket?

You should be careful in choosing what kind of wool is for the baby’s blanket. Ensure that you can wash it through the washing machine because the materials will fade from time to time after you wash them. The wool should be 40 Celsius in a regular wash. The super wash wool blend is the best. 

It should not be itchy for the baby’s sensitive skin. Use either cotton or acrylic. Do not choose the colors themselves, but the durability. The weight should be average as well. Please search for the top wool in the town and read in the review section of it. Choose the best buy.

What is the best weight yarn for a baby blanket?

If you are looking for the softest and cozy blanket for the baby, it should be one pound. It would help if you considered the yardage and the skein. 100% cotton yarn can give you the best weight yarn for a baby blanket. There is no chance of itchiness and is it less soft than acrylic. Choose the Chenille Yarn. It can be knit up quickly and gives you the smoothest texture in town. Do not choose the cheap weight yarn.

You need 28 x 34 inches or 30 inches if you want to have a square blanket. You can also use a 30-inch square quilt or 30 x 40 inches. Make sure that it is worthy of your time to shop in the market. Before you get some in the market, are ready for the expectation you may encounter in that shop.

How many skeins of yarn do you need to make a baby blanket?

Making a baby blanket is difficult if you have any knowledge about it. You should follow the process correctly. After deciding what yarn, wool, the best weight yarn for the baby’s blanket, it is easy for you to figure this out. Just follow the steps accurately. You will need one skein of yarn to make a small baby blanket if you make a big blanket, of course. 

Hence, you will need 900-1500 yards of yarn. If you want it to be bigger, have a three to four pattern. If you need a skein of off the hook yarn, it will take you 405-425 loops of yarn each. It all depends on the size of the baby blanket you will be making. Be aware of that. 


Make sure you use the right and the best yarn for knitting a baby blanket. These yarns are Knit Pick Brava, Bernat Softee Baby, Bernat Baby Blanket Big Ball, Lion Brand Baby Soft, and Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice. You can make it properly as long as you have the best quality of yarn and its weight and size. Remember to use what is best for your baby.

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